About the artist

Denise’s passion for the Arts was in her blood from an early age.

Not only does she come from several generations of artist in the family before her, she knew at age 5 she wanted to be an Artist.

Thanks to her kindergarten teacher who was her best friend at the time, she saw her talent and often encouraged Denise to stay after school to do extra curriculum work with her. On the very last day of school her teacher told her you are my best student and I know that you are an A student when it comes to Art , but the reason I didn’t always give you an A is because I was afraid you’d get lazy and stop trying and evolving as an Artist. These statements made an impact and stuck in her head; she never did stop trying. She has always been known for her use of color and has carried it through several the different kinds of mediums throughout her journey as an artist.

She has been a potter, a sculptor, a jewelry designer, a watercolorist and finally she has combined her water color skills on textiles.
She has been well recognized in the Art world for her unique and colorful clothing line. She studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, as a teenager, and her clients have a wide range of diversity and appreciation for the Arts.

Denise has designed for people in the country music industry in Nashville Tennessee, Motivational Speakers, Real estate and Bank Agents, CEOs, and women who have to look professional but who don’t want that ‘ho hum’ look in the work place, and those women who simply want their own unique look from the normal everyday standards in the industry of fashion.

Most recently one of her jackets could be seen in the White House being worn by one of her clients, who was signing a bill with President Obama to reduce emissions in the United States. The choice to use her Art skills and work on textiles came out of necessity, at the time she was doing a colorful jewelry line and wanted to purchase a garment that matched her Jewelry but when she asked the merchant if she carried plus sizes, she told her that she did not carry plus sizes. Being a petite plus size at the time Denise realized there was a need for beautiful clothing for realistically sized woman, and clothing that fit well. Being strong willed, so she got busy and came up with a beautiful clothing line to accommodate this market so often left out by retail stores. She does all sizes but is well known for petite plus sizes and standard plus sizes.

What makes our line different

What makes her line different and special is that by doing Art shows (since the age of 18) she’s seen her patrons try on her clothing and paid attention to any sizing variances that a style might need changed; meaning at the end of the season she does an average of how patterns would fit better on a person while doing an average in the booth and then would go back to the studio to perfect the pattern. She learned early on that it’s rare that a person would be a perfect size 12 top and bottom.

People, in general are not proportioned perfectly, this is what makes us special. She realized you can be a size 12 up top and often a 14, or 16 more on the bottom, this is what she calls realistic sizing. She feels that patterns are cookie cutter made, meaning that they are the same size all the way through, this doesn’t work on the average woman. Denise has figured out to design her patterns for what a person needs, not what a pattern calls for. This has been the advantage to being present in the booth with her customers and loving to work with them and hear their needs.

Care Instructions

Basically anything that has lining has to be dry cleaned and using baby wipes are ok to spot treat dirt, and food stains, water won’t leave a mark it just needs to dry, again if it’s lined dry cleaning it is highly recommended to treat the garment like a polyester blend. NO WIPES WITH BLEACH OR CLOROX!!!

Also Organza is hand wash or use laundry bag, cold water, hang dry or dry clean. To press use a cool iron, test first in inconspicuous place since temperatures of most irons tend to be hotter. Any other item like the Florence top and Brazilian tops that do not have a lining can be hand washed or washed in cool water using a laundry bag and hang dry.

To press use a cool iron, test first in inconspicuous place since temperatures of most irons tend to be hotter. It is highly recommended to treat the garment like a polyester blend. NO WIPES WITH BLEACH OR CLOROX!!!

Painting Methods

Most of Denise’s textiles are hand painted using several different processes which include:

Salt dying, a technique where colored salt is dropped on the textile while the paint is wet to splatter the color and give it a muted monochromatic look.

Airbrushing and Sumi brush work. This is an Asian art form passed down through the years where Artists use exotic blush brush like paintbrushes to drag or delicately apply and lift paint from their canvas. This takes a delicate play of the hand to accomplish this look, which takes years to master.

What makes Denise clothing line so unique is that instead of her background being a canvas it’s the actual textile, and instead of using watercolor paint, textile paints are used. Most of her textiles are microfibers; why, because they are higher end textiles that can with stand the heat processes that the textiles have to endure during the creation process of heat setting, and cleaning the fabrics hold up well over the test of time, lay and feel better on the body.

Another painting process sometime used is relief dying or penetration dying. This is a process where the colors are burned into the textile not just on the surface (heat set), and burned off ( using a discharge solution) as to remove some of the background colors so they don’t blend with the foreground colors turning them brown so the colors maintain their true values. This process is long and lengthy it can sometimes take a week between each color application, meaning if there’s 5 colors , this particular run of a color (referred to as a dye lot), could take five weeks to complete.

Also, it is important to know that the color of a dye lot is limited due to the fact that when the textile is stretched out to paint on (about 40 yds.), there’s a limit of how much you can paint because as you move down the textile to apply colors there’s a limited drying time that accrues from point A to point B. This is why a second run of a dye lot will never be the same but similar, It’s nice to know that there are still things that you can purchase in life that cannot be reproduced by machine and that you will be the only one in the world that has that one unique item to call your own signature, Jacket, Top, or Garment.

Denise believes that each jacket waits for the right person and at the same time there’s no one jacket for everyone that’s why you have to have a selection of different styles and fits for individuals. In the Art world it’s all about individuality. This is what Denise is most known for in her clothing line, her beautiful use of color, it is not only exotic but also captivating the way designs the colors and the way she uses them together to create a harmony with the hues and the jestering of her art create a synergy in her garments that make them intriguing to look at, it’s like you want to know who is that special person in that special jacket it, who are they?

In photo shoots it’s called the It factor, meaning when a person can be naturally beautiful on film, they have the ‘it factor’, this is the effect you get when you wear a Behind Blue Eyes Design, the ‘IT FACTOR’!!